Visual Branding ✔️Checklist

Great visual branding is memorable and attracts ideal customers. But positive brand recognition takes time to develop with your audience. That's why famous brands will use cohesive graphics, colours, and fonts in their marketing.

These unchanging elements are likely what a potential customer remembers about you. You want them to subconsciously to make the connection to your business when they need a service. The following checklist has all the important elements you need in your visual branding identity kit:



Visual Branding Checklist:

✔️ Logo and Icon

Create a logo that resonates with your customer. Choose shapes, lines, textures and other design elements to develop a relevant symbol. Logos can merge literal and emblematic details, but remember simple logos are best. Clean, uncomplicated designs are easier to remember. Additionally, simple logos are easier edit if you want colour changes or edits in the future.

Also include custom icons that correlate with your main logo. These are valuable to use on various marketing materials.




✔️ A Simple Color Palette


Researching colour psychology is a good idea before selecting your brand colours. This will help you classify which colours resonate best with your brand identity.

Create a palette with one to three primary colours and two to three secondary colours. This should include complimentary shades of black and white. Try not to use black (#000000) and white (#FFFFFF) shades as they can often appear too harsh next to other colour codes.

Branding package for Oregon Lane Studio - Brand Cafe.

Branding package for Oregon Lane Studio - Brand Cafe.



✔️ Typography


Typography is the art of arranging type design. Typography makes copy legible, comprehensible, and appealing when displayed. Selecting a relevant font can also evoke emotion.  

You can use more than one font! It's actually best to have two to three complimentary fonts that you use at all times. Or choose a font family that has a variety of weights.

The styles to choose from are endless! You can search type categories and download free fonts from theses sites:


✔️Photography and Representation

Visual decision making happens in an instant. That's why excellent and relatable imagery is crucial.

Collect images and aesthetics that you would like to represent your brand. Give some thought to the details in these images to stay on brand. Do you want people and faces photos? Do you want your content to follow a colour theme? How do these images relate to your products or services? What editing style would you like to use for your brand?

Pinterest is great for saving and organizing your preferences. You can also create secret mood boards to develop your branding kit.

Adobe Lightroom is professional photo editing software and an industry-standard tool in design. It's a design-favourite tool for creating presets for easy, consistent editing.


This is what your visual branding kit make-up should look like when you are finished:


Pinterest - Fig and Thyme- Food Blog Design | White Oak Creative

Pinterest - Fig and Thyme- Food Blog Design | White Oak Creative


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